Welcome to my new website! I am very pleased to announce the release of my third full length LP "High Tide." My very talented, hard working musician friends and I have been recording at Winterland Studios with Todd Fitzgerald and Josh Levi since mid June, and in addition to the piano, guitars, strings, horns, bass and drums, we have a few sonic surprises for you. I'm very excited to share the new music with you.

Those of you who have followed my two previous releases, "Tiny Light" in 2008 and "Gypsy Heart" in 2009 (both are on the MUSIC page of this site,) know that I took some time off - several years, in fact, which is an eternity in this business. In 2011 both of my parents got sick, my Mom with Cancer and my Dad with Alzheimer's Disease. As their respective illnesses progressed, it fell to me to be their primary caretaker. It was exhausting and heart wrenching, but with help from other family members and a wonderful home health aid, we made it through. They passed five months apart in 2014 and the dual loss was a crushing blow for my siblings and I. 

Grief manifests itself in different ways for different people. For me, it dried up my well of creativity. I did manage to write "Hush" and "The Phoenix" right after my Mom passed, but then it was nothing - for months and months. I lost my piano and vocal chops. I couldn't write. I couldn't play. I didn't feel anything. In the spring of 2015 something in my soul snapped and that little voice that was with me while recording "Gypsy Heart" said ENOUGH!  I turned to Eastern Medicine, hoping for some physical and emotional relief. It took time, but I got it. The dam broke and the ideas and songs came pouring out like water - I could hardly keep up. Some of what I was writing I thought was rather strange and out of character for me, but that little voice urged me on until I was not only writing pop/rock but also jazz, folk and latin influenced music. It started to make sense to me since I grew up playing The Great American Songbook. I have my Mom to thank for that.

I know that many musicians/songwriters/performers who take time off, no matter what the reason, never manage to find their way back. I am extremely grateful that I was able to and I sincerely hope that if you recognize any part of yourself in my story that you, too, are able to find your way back into the light. 




Thank you so much to my music community. Your interest, site visits and listens have pushed my new LP "High Tide" back into the Minneapolis Indie Chart Top 10!

Airplay for "AFFLICTION" in New York!

Thanks and kudos to brian k. at WBNY in Buffalo, NY for spinning "Affliction" on his Gold Soundz show Sunday evening 3/18.


Cheers and thanks to Kathleen at KFOK in Georgetown, CA for spinning "Blue Cuban Skies" on her Broads and Blues show on Friday 3/3.

Airplay for "Upside Down" in the SW!

Many thanks to KGLP in Gallup, NM for spinning "Upside Down" from the new record on their early evening Roadhouse Revue program on 1/26.

High Tide LP

Thank you to my music community for pushing me to #5 on Reverbnation's Minneapolis Indie Chart!

East Coast Radio

"From listening to 'Gypsy Heart' through and through, and giving it some well deserved airplay...it is safe to say that Lizzy likes to take some chances with her music and it really comes to the surface when you hear her songwriting skills, not to mention her piano and vocal talents. She has a future worth paying attention to."

Eric Cohen, Music Director WAER, Syracuse, NY

Local Radio

"Lizzy Rain's music is very inspirational to me. I really enjoy listening to her and I think her talent is amazing. I choose to play Lizzy's music on my KFAI program Sonic Pleasure because I want to make more people aware of her talents as a songwriter and musician. She is truly an original, and deserves to be heard."

Georgia Cady, KFAI Radio, Minneapolis, MN

Regional Radio

"I'm looking forward to Lizzy Rain's next CD. If you enjoy piano driven rock then her music is worth checking out. I've enjoyed the chance to give her a spotlight on 88.1 FM. 

Bill Keith WDSP "The Escape," Canton, MI