New CD ~ Gypsy Heart

New CD ~ Gypsy Heart

On her self-produced second record, "Gypsy Heart," Lizzy Rain has combined her training as a classical pianist and her love of rock and roll to form her own unique sound, which she now fondly describes as Indie Orchestral Rock. Surrounding herself with some of the finest musicians Minneapolis has to offer, the songs on "Gypsy Heart" feature her elegant, melodic piano and unique vocal style backed by veteran guitar players Mark Knoll and Kenny Wilson, classically trained violinist Laurie Melting, and Chicago-like horn section of Zack Lozier on trumpet and Gus Sandberg on sax. Singer Cate Fierro provides a second female voice throughout the record, and bassist Nick Salisbury and drummer/percussionist Tim Zhorne round out the group as the tight, fluid rhythm section. Lizzy returned to Winterland Studios to record "Gypsy Heart," with Todd Fitgerald and Joe Salgado engineering and Brian Johnson mixing.



Since the release of "Gypsy Heart" in late 2009, songs from the disk have aired on college and Indie radio stations in 11 states. Due to the widespread popularity of internet radio, Lizzy Rain has received feedback from fans as far away as Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

"From listening to 'Gypsy Heart' through and through, giving it some well deserved is safe to say that Lizzy likes to take some chances with her music and it really comes to the surface when you hear her songwriting skills not to mention her piano and vocal talents. She has a future worth paying attention to."
-Eric Cohen, Music Director WAER, Syracuse, NY.

"Lizzy Rain's music is very inspirational to me. I really enjoy listening to her and I think her talent is amazing. I choose to play Lizzy's music on my KFAI program Sonic Pleasure because I want to make more people aware of her talents as a songwriter and musician. She is truly an original, and deserves to be heard."  
-Georgia Cady, KFAI Minneapolis.
"I'm looking forward to Lizzy Rain's next CD. If you enjoy piano driven rock then her music is worth checking out. I've enjoyed the chance to give her a spotlight on 88.1FM."
-Bill Keith WSDP "The Escape" Canton, MI